Youth & Young Adult

The Arkansas Association of Women, Youth

And Young Adults Clubs, Inc.



“We, a group of African-American women of Arkansas, realizing the need for an organized channel through which effectively and systematically promote the general welfare of our people, do hereby unite into a state organization”


“This organization was first incorporated on November 23, 1912 as “Arkansas Federation of Colored Women’s Club” …………. February 26, 1954, amended its Charter to change its name to “Arkansas Association of Colored Women’s Club … In a duly convened statewide meeting in West Helena, Arkansas, on June 14, 1976, voted to change its name “The Arkansas Association of Women’s Clubs, Inc.”


Purposes and Objectives

 This organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes……………..

  1. To set and exhibit high standard of moral, intellectual and development of women, young adults and boys.
  2. To work for moral, economic, social and religious welfare of all people, especially for women, young adults, girl and boys.
  3. To aid in obtaining for women the opportunity for reaching full statue in all fields of human endeavor.
  4. To encourage women to register and make full use of their franchise by voting.
  5. To raise the standards of the home, using combined influence, means, and talents to maintain the highest moral integrity of family and aid in their educational development through the arts, recreational programs and scholarships.